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Able Spaces – Transportable Homes NZ

The new generation of transportable homes & kitset houses for New Zealand.

Custom built, modular, prefab homes to buy, portable cabins to hire and self access storage

Able Spaces Transportable Homes in NZ

We’re here to provide a genuinely affordable housing solution to Kiwis.

We offer custom-built portable homes and portable cabins in NZ, prefabricated in our factory, ready for delivery to your section, complete with a Code of Compliance Certificate.

While they are prefab homes, there are loads of optional extras to choose from to really make it YOUR home. All are designs are fully customisable, very high quality, and you get the assurance of dealing directly with Norma, the owner of Able Spaces.

For local clients wanting to set up a portable building in the Wellington region, we can also take care of the site works!

Enquire today to find out more about our transportable homes for sale around NZ.

This video is a little about Able Spaces, and why and how we build prefab homes.

Why choose Able Spaces:

Spaces to live, work and play

Able Spaces Prefab houses Wellington

Redefining Sustainable Living Options Without Compromising on Quality or Cost

Shifting from traditional onsite building methods to prefabricated, transportable homes offer many benefits to the environment as well as to Kiwi homeowners.

Our homes use less material, need less heating and cooling and have smaller carbon footprints overall, than larger, traditional builds.

Turning 20 Years of Dreams into a Home, Where Others Couldn't

The road to a new home had been a long one for the Southams. Linda summed up, "Working with Able Spaces was so simplistic by comparison. They showed a willingness to navigate challenges and accommodate our needs, where others couldn't."

Liveable Spaces

Transportable homes to buy

Rentable Spaces

Sleepouts, 1 bed self contained and more to rent

Kitset Houses

For property developers, investors, project managers and hard to reach sites!

Creating Extra Spaces

Able Spaces has a range of customisable house plans to suit your needs and your site. Our modular prefab homes are available in complete transportable form or as kitset houses. They are stylish, eye-catching, and above all, highly practical. Build a fully transportable 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom house to use as a bach, home, or rental. All our houses come complete with a Code of Compliance Certificate and are designed using the skills and experience of both an architect and interior designer.

Contact us today to discuss the options with Able Spaces' owner, Norma. Together we will come up with a plan for a home that meets your every need.

Let’s get started.

Prefab and Bespoke Transportable House Designs

Transportable Homes Designed For Your Needs

At Able Spaces we pride ourselves on leading New Zealand when it comes to high quality transportable, prefab homes. We’ve developed an efficient, hassle-free building process that helps our clients get the space they need quickly, at the lowest cost possible and with a minimum of fuss.

For many Kiwis the concept of the ‘dream home’ has changed in recent years – the dream for many now is to live without a huge mortgage, in a warm, comfortable small home that can be paid off in a short time frame. First time buyers are embracing small, prefab houses as an option to move away from renting earlier in life. Prefabricated, transportable buildings provide an affordability and practicality that can’t be gained with a traditional house built on-site.

We have a range of standard floor plans and layouts to choose from, from one bedroom through to four bedrooms – or we can develop a custom design to suit your unique challenges. Our modular homes (delivered to you in several sections) and kitset houses (built on site from prefabricated components) are the perfect solution for clients with difficult access, or tricky sections.

Portable Cabins for Growing Families and Extra Income

Looking to add an extra room to your home? Thinking of popping a granny flat into your rental to improve your return? We’ve got the perfect portable cabins for home offices, spare rooms and general home add-ons. We have plenty of transportable cabin options, ranging from small to large cabins, available for delivery anywhere in the North Island. Take a look at our portable cabins to see our standard cabin sizes – or get in touch with us for a custom design on a portable unit.