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Looking to create more living space on your section? Able Spaces has a quality new prefabricated home solution for you that is fully customisable, while remaining highly affordable. With full project management included from Able Spaces owner and managing director, Norma McC...
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Our Story

December 11, 2019
Norma, the owner of Able Spaces started this journey in 2017. Studying Human Resources at Massey University, her career began in the corporate world. Working as a Management Consultant, an Accounts Manager and a personal life coach, Norma wanted to move beyond a hierarchical...
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As young Kiwis make their way toward independence, it can be hard to know when to move on from renting an apartment to buying a first home. That caution is certainly warranted. As recently as two years ago, rates of home ownership were bottoming out in New Zealand, hitting a...
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Portable buildings make wonderful ready-made living spaces thanks to the amenities that come already installed – meaning you don’t have to put in plumbing and electricity yourself.They’re perfect as a guest house, an office, or a home unto themselves – but ...
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Looking for your first home is a daunting task. Not only are you deciding where to spend a significant portion of your life and potentially raise a family, but you’re likely making the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make. Still, if you’re careful in your decisi...
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Less clutter

By moving into a smaller home, whether it be tiny or smaller than your average New Zealand house, you’ll need to declutter and get rid of some of the stuff you may have accumulated over the years that you probably don’t actually need. That ‘stuff’ can be gifted, sold...
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