How we work

Its as easy as this

able spaces

Our Process

Let’s get your specifications right

Let’s sit down and go through what you want in your new home so we can write it up in a clear proposal including floor coverings, fittings and colours.

Sign off on the proposal

Once you’re happy with our proposal,  it’s time to accept the quote, sign the building contract and pay the deposit. Anything else added after the contract has been signed is added as a variation that is also signed. Life is pretty unpredictable so if there is anything else we need to add, we can by agreement.

Let us prepare the plans

You’ve chosen everything that will go into your home. Now, it’s up to us to get the rest of the construction plans and specifications ready for Council to accept the building consent and for the  Able Spaces team to start building your new home.

Kick back, relax, we’ve got your project covered

Everything is in place for you to kick back and relax while Able Spaces gets cracking on your new home. We’ll keep you informed throughout your build with photos and progress updates.


Can I modify your standard plans?

Of course. We will quote and build exactly what you want

Do I have options for cladding?

We currently use Long panel Structural Insulated Panels for our walls and ceilings and Brocdek roofing iron for the roof. We are in the process of designing a new SIP to give our Kiwis another option. We are also happy to add another type of cladding like Cedar, Scoria, Axon or another material to make your tiny home stand out.

What are the Council Requirements for these buildings?

Typically, anything over 10m2 required a building consent. If you are wanting to be off-grid and on wheels, then different rules apply. It’s best to check with your local council. We supply our transportable homes with a Building Consent and Code of Compliance. We are a Licensed Building Practitioner and take pride in our workmanship.

Can the really large buildings be transported?

Yes depending on where it’s going. We do a site check and get a quote from our delivery team for you to have a look at to make sure delivering your new tiny house in one part is feasible or whether it will have to be in two and joined on site.

Do you have a Show unit?

Come to our workshop and we can show you what we have on hand. We’re looking to build a show unit and have it located in a prominent site. Watch this space.

Can you deliver NZ wide?

Yes we can, depending on overhead power lines and site access

How are the portable cabins finished?

The panels we use are the finished product. They are powdercoated colour Titania. We use aluminium extrusion for the vertical corners and between the wall panels and roof panels, similar to a scotia.

What type of exterior cladding is available for my tiny home?

We can add just about any type of cladding you’d like.

Our access is rubbish, can you build on our site?

Sorry but not currently.

How are units powered?

Through an 16amp external caravan plug. We provide you with the caravan extension lead which you can then plug into a normal power plug. If you are having an oven and need a 32amp plug, you will need to get an electrician to permanently connect the transportable home on site.

Are the tiny homes insulated?

Yes, we currently use 75mm insulated panel which have an R rating of 2 for the walls and we use 125mm for the ceiling, giving you an insulation rating of R3.

Can you build to our specifications?

We are happy to look at it and quote based on your specifications. Please be aware the timeframe will differ.

Do you have a minimum rental period?

We offer 6months, 12months or 24months rental contracts.

Do I have to pay a bond to rent one of your transportable homes?

Yes, bond is 4 weeks rent

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes which depends on where they are located within the Greater Wellington Region and the access, i.e. can the unit be delivered on a hiab truck or is a crane required etc. I am happy to visit the site to get an idea and help with the organisation. The client pays the transport company direct.

How often do I have to pay rent?

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly in advance. You will receive an invoice emailed to you as per the frequency you would have chosen with your rental contract.

Do I need council consent for your units?

It is best to check with your local council, but generally anything over 10square meters needs Council Consent.

How much space do I need to get my unit delivered?

Our leased buildings are currently 3.1metres wide so the driveway needs to have a 3.5metres width minimum. The unit sits on top of a 1.2metre truck deck. So, provided the driveway is wide enough, it should be easy to deliver a tiny home, but it all depends on where you want the unit located and if there is anything in the way, e.g. trees, power lines etc. We can organise for our trucking company to check out your site, free of charge, and quote the delivery.

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