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Compare pricing for all solutions. Both DIY Kitsets and we build it for you options are available for comparison.

DesignSize (m)Area (m2)Built for youKitset
Brooklyn12 x 9.4112.8$242,543$138,000
Glenconnor12 x 896$233,847$120,000
Holborn12 x 896$229,500$119,130
Cornwall9.6 x 6.663.36$199,065$101,739
Hankey9.6 x 6.663.36$194,717$100,000
Findlay9.6 x 6.663.36$186,021$100,000
Bethune9 x 763$194,717$90,956
Bower9 x 6.659.4$186,021$85,652
Webb12 x 4.659.4$181,739$79,826
Western Lake12 x 4.659.4$183,478$83,478
Matarawa12 x 448$173,913$80,347
Jacks12 x 448$170,869$71,652
Tasman12 x 4.250.4$172,174$75,652
9.6 x 3.634.56$140,000$66,260
Basic 1 bed 9m x 3m 27$78,000
Studio6m x 3m 18$68,000

Prices are GST exclusive and subject to change at any time.
Prices listed use Cedar & Iron cladding. Other cladding options may be cheaper. 
Kitset prices above do not include the kitchen, bathroom nor subfloor options.

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