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Our Story

Norma, the owner of Able Spaces started this journey in 2017. Studying Human Resources at Massey University, her career began in the corporate world. Working as a Management Consultant, an Accounts Manager and a personal life coach, Norma wanted to move beyond a hierarchical, process driven approach to business.

With the idea she wouldn’t work for someone forever, Norma eventually wanted to be her own boss. Offered the opportunity to recover a dormant demolition business in 2011 with a business partner, Norma delved into the construction industry.

Moving the dormant business from Wellington to Christchurch, they turned it into a thriving demolition business with 15 employees. After a few good years, the partnership came to an end. Seeking an opportunity for innovation, Norma entered a license agreement to produce a range of portable, prefabricated buildings in 2015.

Here, she quickly learnt the limitations of working under a license agreement. Restricted by the licensor’s standard designs and specifications, there was very little freedom to explore new layouts, approaches and materials. Norma felt there was limited growth in the current setting to allow her to tackle an issue she is passionate about: affordable housing.

Deciding to go at it alone, Norma terminated her license agreement and Able Spaces began.

We aim to change the way housing is built in New Zealand.

With major issues in the current housing environment, we believe transportable homes are part of a bigger solution. Too many kiwis live in poverty, in some cases eight people in a two-bedroom home. Prices have skyrocketed over the past decade, making house ownership less obtainable for everyday New Zealanders’. As the income gap continues to increase, there is no system in place to replenish the current housing market.

We believe portable homes are part of the solution.

While the government is implementing timely initiatives, site-built homes are not constructed quickly enough to keep up with demand. With a growing population yet not enough homes, portable homes are an effective alternative. Constructed efficiently in a workshop setting, portable homes are an affordable, sustainable solution to New Zealand’s housing crisis.

Every New Zealander deserves a warm, healthy, affordable home.

We believe in a future where every kiwi is able to access an affordable, sustainable, liveable home. In an industry where textbook approaches are the norm, we’re here to bring a fresh perspective. Our team is driven by innovation, seeking ways to continuously improve our transportable homes. We give back to our local community, because there is no greater reward than making someone’s day. Forward thinking and environmentally conscious, we aim to be a zero-waste company. We try to recycle every component, source materials locally and test new processes to foster a sustainable future.

Owned by a female, Able Spaces is proud to stand out in a male dominated industry. Service is at the forefront of who we are, as each client deserves their dream home. Clients deal with Norma directly, free of middlemen or a confusing chain of communication. While many competitors offer standard portable home designs that cannot be altered, we build to order, each aspect customisable.

With a range of designs for inspiration, we work alongside our customers to make their vision a reality. We see beyond the building site, seeing the futures we create. We see the possibilities in the homes we build, while keeping the price to a minimum. We are proud of our role to provide healthy, quality homes to kiwi families.