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Building Dreams One Home at a Time

Looking to create more living space on your section? Able Spaces has a quality new prefabricated home solution for you that is fully customisable, while remaining highly affordable. With full project management included from Able Spaces owner and managing director, Norma McCarty, getting that new home on your section is easier than you think.

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Celebrating 6 Years of Putting our Quality Stamp on Your Place

Able Spaces is a Wellington Gold Awards winner for 2019 and 2021. Both times Able Spaces won the Emerging Gold Products Award.

The Evolution of Quality New Homes

Over the last six years, Norma has fine-tuned the Able Spaces offering, consistently on the lookout for improved ways of building to provide superior quality, new, prefabricated homes at affordable prices.

“Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that it’s the best way. We strive to always find the most cost-effective and durable materials to provide our clients with the best quality housing, with the least amount of maintenance," Norma explains.

The construction behind Able Spaces homes has been well-thought out. All building materials have been carefully selected based on durability and quality. For example, we use solid wood instead of gib for our interior walls. It’s much more durable and extremely hardy. Unlike gib, which dents easily and then needs plastering, solid wood will always outperform gib on cost and durability. It also keeps the heat in, while the inbuilt ventilation in our prefabricated homes takes care of the necessary airflow to provide a clean, healthy home. Plus, the wooden panels are made to measure, which means no wasted materials – great for the environment and for customers pockets.

Helping you Every Step of the Way

Norma offers a client-centred approach, walking investors, first home buyers and extended families through each stage of the process of adding a new prefab home to their section. Able Spaces homes have been transported as far north as Taupo and even to the South Island.

Delivery can be arranged no matter where you are located, as long as the site is suitable. Just be mindful that delivery costs will vary. People living in the Wellington area will pay the least on delivery, with Able Spaces located in the region.

The people Norma deals with are wide-ranging. “I’ve got different types of clients. Some want to build a home for their elderly parent, others want to help their kids into a home, but I also equally love working with clients when it’s their first home; they have a young family, they’ve poured their heart and soul into this, they’ve saved as much as they can, and they still want a beautiful home.” 

For other people it may be an investment property. At the end of the day, we are still providing someone with a home, it’s providing a roof over someone’s head and that’s important. We’ve done quite a few baches as well. We don’t mind what we are building so long as it’s a home. We love creating something we know families and people are going to make memories in for years, through the generations.

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Full Customisation at Affordable Prices

Able Spaces prefabricated homes are also made to suit different needs and budgets and are fully customisable. You can have that feature wall, that high quality tapware, the carpets of your choosing and anything else you have your heart set on. Norma will take you through all the options personally to ensure you get the home of your dreams. Plus, Able Spaces has an interior designer on hand to provide the added edge of a professional stylist.

“I don’t know many companies who provide the level of customisation that we do. A lot of the transportable homes are cookie cutter, you hear ''no, you can’t have a feature wall, no you have to choose just one colour for everything ... These are your only options – pick one.' That is not our approach. At Able Spaces your options are almost endless.”

We spend time with clients going through everything. Six years on, we have got a wealth of experience that clients can draw on. With that comes trust, expertise and knowledge that helps clients through the process and helps ensure a quality final product that meets their needs.

The Able Spaces Way

Able Spaces prefabricated homes are more affordable than our competitors in the marketplace for many reasons, all the while not compromising on quality. With just weeks from the start of the build to the finished product, speed of delivery is another cost-cutting factor for customers who are renting or require lending. On that note, Able Spaces has relationships with Westpac and BNZ, making the lending process straightforward.

“A lot of people choose to work with Able Spaces because they trust me. They feel that I will do the best for them. We will build them a lovely home that they’re going to love living in for years. My clients are part of the build process too. They come in and check their home at different stages. The other part is the cost. It’s affordable because it’s quick as well. You’re not waiting for 6-8 months for a home to be built on site. It takes up to eight weeks from the start of the build to your finished home.”

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How We Work With You

After your initial enquiry and site inspection, there are five steps to your new home. Norma will walk you through the process every step of the way and is only a phone call or email away.

Step 1: Design Phase

Norma works directly with you to design your home. All Able Spaces prefabricated homes are fully customisable, from tailored floor plans to interior fittings down to the style of kitchen tap. Customers are free to choose as much or as little as they would like to customise. Norma’s aim is for all her clients to love living in their new prefabricated home and for years to come. An interior designer is also on hand to guide you.

Step 2: Quote and Contract

When you are happy with your plans and quote, a contract is signed, and a deposit is paid. Norma is happy to walk customers through the building contract, terms and conditions, delivery details and insurances.

Step 3: Council Consents

Construction plans and specifications are sent to Council for the house building consent be approved.

Step 4: Project Management

If your site is within the greater Wellington region, Norma can project manage your foundations, building consent and service connections for you.

Step 5: Your New Home is Delivered

In up to eight weeks from council consent approval, your prefabricated home is ready and delivered to your site, so all you need to do is move in and enjoy.

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Ready to Get in Touch?

Six years on, what Norma still enjoys the most is working alongside each of her customers to deliver the home of their dreams that they will enjoy for years to come. If you are looking to add an additional home onto an existing site, get in touch. Norma has helped retirees, investors, first home buyers and growing families with affordable new prefabricated home options. For hard-to-reach places, we offer kitset home options too. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options. Call us on 0800 277 223 or email

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